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scary facts about lightning

People were said to put lightning rods on their hats and in their umbrellas just in case Franklin’s lightning should ever chance to strike them. Technically, … Scary video shows man nearly struck by lightning "Supa thankful to have been able to motor scoot out of there without major injures," he wrote. The flash of a lightning strike is not the only colorful phenomenon that a thunderstorm can produce. A park ranger has survived seven lightning strikes. No wonder any water in lightning's path is immediately vaporized. Finding herself alone, she had to walk out of the jungle with nothing to eat but sweets scavenged from the wreckage.[7]. Similar to the aurora, the charged particles excite nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. The term refers to a bolt that results from a positive charge building up at the top of a cloud. The average American has about a 1 in 5,000 chance of being struck by lightning during a lifetime. It does not seem to have caught on. ... Stay safe from lightning: Tips, stats, facts … Being struck by lightning gives you a rash. Oh, and there's a term for fear of lightning, too: "astraphobia.". For example, have you ever seen lightning without clouds? The conditions must be just right, but if the bolt strikes a sandy beach that's high in silica or quartz, the intense temperature can cause the sand to fuse into silica glass. Thundersnow forms when warm air near the ground begins to ascend. The pulses travel at 186,000 miles per second. Lightning can strike the same place twice—or more! One of the strangest thunderstorm facts: About 10 percent of lightning strikes take place when there’s no precipitation. The joke was not appreciated by many Christians, and protests soon erupted against the British group. But that number has been going down: 2017 saw a record for the fewest number of people killed by lightning in a year, with 16 killed. According to the National Weather Service, 81 percent of the lightning-related fatalities between 2006 and 2013 were men. Scientists theorize that the air above the lake is particularly conductive due to the abundance of methane from oil fields—or perhaps it's due to some mysterious combination of topography and wind patterns. The gadget's wire diverted the 300,000-volt charge away from her vital organs. What’s in your wallet will totally surprise you. The whole thing came crashing down, and all 81 passengers were killed. This statue has earned its own nickname from the position of its arms. There, you'll find the Catatumbo lightning—colloquially, and terrifyingly, known as the "everlasting storm"—a weather phenomenon that averages about 260 storm days per year, 150 of which feature lightning. Recent work has pointed to the winds in the area as key to the formation of the storm. Part of the reason some people separate thunder and lightning is that it's possible to hear thunder from as far as 10 miles away from the lightning that caused it. Their broad smiles show that they were entirely unconcerned and even found it funny. Strikes can cause cardiac arrest and severe burns, but 9 of every 10 people survive. With the appearance of a spooky red haze some 50 miles high in the air, this phenomenon, known as "red sprites," is caused by positive lightning. Lightning has often been thought of as an “act of God.” When Beatles star John Lennon quipped that the band was “more popular than Jesus,” it must have seemed obvious that God would be against them. We only know one thing for certain: Don't bring your dog (unless you want to scare its fur off). Lightning kills about 2,000 people … The King of Kings was destroyed. For nearly 3,000 years, we've been fascinated by the mesmerizing qualities of lightning. As it is carrying the charge downward, the conditions become perfect for lightning to strike. The bolt ignited the fuel stored in the plane's reserve tank, causing an explosion and part of the wing to separate from the plane. Juliane, then 17, held her mother’s hand. The light created by them seems to be akin to that made by a fluorescent tube. An iPod saved a teenager who was struck by lightning. Because it all happens so fast, all we see is one bolt of lightning. The lawsuit was thrown out. Thanks to its geography—bordered by ocean on three sides in a subtropical climate—you'll find almost daily thunderstorms in some part of the state. All Rights Reserved. The third rock from the sun is a crazy, crazy place. Lightning researcher Martin Uman has observed lightning channels as long as 90 miles. As the sun goes down, a lightning storm forms that can produce 280 lightning strikes an hour. It can also travel a great distance. There's something called "petrified lightning.". 1) Inside a car can be a safe place to seek shelter during a lightning storm. So, why is this region so lightning-friendly? In the United States, at least, men are far more likely to be killed by lightning than women. Edwin Robinson, a resident of Falmouth, Massachusetts, was blinded by a car accident in 1971. [4], The night sky of the Catatumbo Delta in Venezuela is not as dark as you might expect. Our collective fascination with Zeus' magic weapon has never waned. Striking at random, starting fires, and appearing from thin air, some thought that it must have a divine origin. These flashes of info will illuminate your mind. Here are some of the most commonly made statements about lightning, and whether they are a myth or a fact. But this time, we are going to try for something fireproof.”, Now a new statue called Lux Mundi (“Light of the World”) stands on the site. Ball lightning is nothing at all like the lightning with which most people are familiar. Statues of Jesus can be found in most churches. The correct spelling is “lightning” not “lightening” At 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, a lightning bolt is roughly five times hotter than the surface of the sun is part of the Meredith Health Group. For instance, the Empire State Building is reportedly struck by lightning roughly 23 times per year. Radar is a good way to measure a lightning bolt. So, if you're interested in learning even more about lightning—from its spectacular temperatures to its sheer force and power—read on for 33 lightning facts you will most definitely find striking. But there is still no consensus on how or why it forms. The aptly named "Lightning Alley," between Tampa and Orlando. But rainstorms aren’t the only times that you might hear the boom of thunder and see the flash of lightning. Here are some fun lightning facts that might shock you. The exact cause of the unusually predictable storm is unknown. Lightning has fascinated humans from the beginning of time. Here are 10 facts about lightning that might be more than a little hair-raising. The tree-like red branching pattern—known as "Lichtenberg figures"—is caused by the electrical charge rupturing capillaries beneath the skin. It appears during thunderstorms for a few seconds, moving parallel to the planet and making occasional jumps. It typically produces 30,000 amps of electricity. Park ranger Roy Sullivan holds the Guinness Record for being struck by lightning more than any other person. But since then, the storm has returned to its usual spot. Not only does it strike the same places more than once, but also a single lightning bolt can strike more than one place at the same time. It's known as "fulminology." Created from fiberglass and plastic over a metal frame, the statue caught fire when it was hit. In particular, Lake Maracaibo, right off the Caribbean Sea, holds the record for "highest concentration of lightning," according to The Guinness Book of World Records. But while he proved to be a remarkable survivor after those seven strikes—and singlehandedly disproved that "lightning doesn't strike the same place twice"—Sullivan had his own demons to battle.

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