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roccbox vs ooni pro

Get BBQ guides, recipes, gear reviews and great deals sent straight to your inbox. Only used wood this time and it didn't get to the 450c temperature but might have been impatience on my part. The Roccbox is smaller, lighter, and its legs fold up underneath it. Thanks for subscribing! Choosing between designs is at least a little subjective, but we preferred the look of the colored Roccbox and that fact that it had folding legs, stood a little higher for a better working height, and had that touch-safe silicone cladding. I use an Ooni Pro. What really stands out about the Roccbox is just how well designed and easy to use this oven is. Pizza Party Ardore vs Ooni Coda vs Roccbox - Pizza Ovens - Pizza Making Forum. Both the pizza ovens do come with an inbuilt thermometer so that you can monitor the temperature inside the ovens. On the other hand, Uuni Pro is a dual-fuel pizza oven, so you can burn charcoal, wood, wood pellets and gas to get the pizza oven started. While both the Roccbox and Ooni Pro are billed as portable, the Roccbox really commits to this idea in a way that the design of the Pro just doesn’t. He now likes to spend as much of his free time as possible hunched over a grill, reading about grills, or staring forlornly out of a window as the British weather makes it impossible to use his grill.". Your email address will not be published. You can unsubscribe at any time. The larger size of the Pro also means you can use it for cooking a larger range of other foods like roast meat or vegetables. Both companies were founded in the UK and both made liberal use of crowdfunding to get their products off the ground. However, some reviewers have found that this only happens in perfect circumstances, and it normally takes quite a bit longer. Kitchen gadget tester Esther Choi and Mike Fadem of Brooklyn’s Ops put the Ooni 3 and the Roccbox through their paces by Eater Video Sep 11, 2019, 11:44am EDT Share this story Both ovens come with a built-in thermometer, although we would suggest investing in a quality infrared thermometer for a more accurate reading. Add in the fact that this oven can come up to cooking temperature in around a minute and you’ve got a pizza oven that can go from car trunk to cooking food with very little hassle. The ceramic fiber lining means the Pro quickly comes up to a high cooking temperature. Ooni Pro This is the biggest and the most versatile pizza oven. It can make pizzas as big as 16 inches in diameter, and you can choose between three fuel sources: wood, propane, or pellets. This also allows it to come in different colors, although only green and grey are available at the moment. Your email address will not be published. The larger Ooni Pro model was launched on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo and was the first countertop oven to be able to cook a 16-inch pizza with wood, charcoal, gas or wood pellets as fuel. Pizza Making Forum. The outside of the Roccbox is covered with safe-touch, commercial-grade silicone to offset some of the danger of that hugely high temperature. Formerly a brand manager for the UK high street, John gave up that life for the far less stressful job of running his own business. Let’s compare the main features: If you’re looking for a backyard installation that gives you all the benefits of a traditional pizza oven at a fraction of the size, then go for the Ooni Pro. While it is technically portable and does come with a handle, the Pro is a little too wide and heavy to be easily moved. This means that right out of the box, the Roccbox, which runs on wood or gas, is actually more versatile. Comparison: OONI PRO vs ROCCBOX vs OONI 3. The Roccbox can only really accommodate a 12-inch pizza, but given how fast it comes up to temp, there’s nothing to stop you cooking more than one. Its high-domed design means you can’t cook as large a pizza as you might in the Ooni Pro, but it does make the Roccbox more portable, as do its folding tripod legs. The Roccbox is a wood-fueled and gas-fueled pizza oven. Made of durable doubled-walled 430 stainless steel for better temperature control. In terms of the size of the pizza you can cook, the Ooni Pro’s wider design lets you cook a 16-inch pizza compared to the 12-inch pizza you can cook in Roccbox. Got my Ooni Karu last week, just finished using it and so far its producing great pizzas. Ooni pizza ovens are our favorite outdoor pizza ovens on the market. Pizza Party Ardore vs Ooni Coda vs Roccbox. Ooni Pro, Roccbox and the Ardore Pizza ovens are high-quality pizza ovens and if you are wondering which one is the best among the three then you have come to the right post. Easily save as PDF or print for future use. There is a proviso to that, however, as the fact that both ovens reach a super high cooking temperature in around 15 minutes and can, therefore, cook a pizza in 60 seconds, means you can just as easily cook two pizzas.

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