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largest coho salmon ever caught

We drove back at full speed, since we did not want to set the fish back in the torrential current. Those 100 plus lb AK and WA monsters are just amazing to me. The International Game and Fish Association is tasked with keeping track of all the world records for all species of salmon and other fish in the world. 2 oz.) They told the Minerich’s the fish looked bigger than the world record Pink salmon. Yuichi Yamao, of Japan with a 5.05 kg (11 lbs. The date of this world record was set on the 27th of September, 1989. Easy there, Ben…let’s not jump to conclusions and name calling. I am sure the found a large one but the photo, nah, I ain’t that stupid. Mr. Todd Johansson was fishing for Chum salmon, and got lucky enough to catch the largest Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) ever caught while fishing in Edye Pass, British Columbia, in northwest Canada. Send me an email and I will send you some photos. Ingrid, meanwhile completely exhausted could not believe her luck. Learn how your comment data is processed. He saved the head and bones in his refrigerator, to discard later when it hit him that maybe that ‘trout’ was a kokanee salmon instead. All of a sudden, like an explosion, the fish headed toward the main current of the Skeena River. The Sacramento River monster they found dead, if you notice the guy holding it has his arms straight out, I’m sorry but nobody could hold that size and weight of a fish like that so I think we have a bit of a photoshop image there. The 92 was at the time the 5th largest king on record. Alexander’s world record catch weighed in at 6.74 kg (14 lbs. Mine was 42 lbs. Bound for the upper end of the watershed, “June Hogs” sometimes topped 100 pounds. Mr. Hendrik Henriksen, a fishing guide, landed a huge Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the Tana River in Norway way back before most of you were born, on January 1st, 1928 that weighed 35.89 kg  (79 lbs. Looks nice, most from some time back in history, mean while in Chile we are catching 50 and 60 lb Chinook on a daily basis right now in March 2015 and some even bigger. That’s incredible! Many states in the USA stock kokanee salmon in stocked lakes because they survive well in those conditions. The monster fish with a length of 53.5 inches and a girth of 38.5 using a formula (endorsed by FOC) of Length x Girth squared divided by 800 would weigh 99.125-pounds… clearly the largest Chinook (Kings as the Americans refer to them) ever landed. Guide John Whitlatch of Reel Adventures says he’s not sure if the fish was a world record or not…because he and Aitchison decided to forgo their own glory and instead let the big beast go and make babies. Its a shame what has happened to many of these fish such as the Columbia river.There used to be hugr kings in there and lots of them but man wiped them out .now you’re lucky to get a 50lb king ,they wiped out whole gene pools of many types of salmon and trout are gone forever. Here’s a list of 10 massive kings that will make you weak in the knees…. As I understand it, they had the fish lying in the shallows where it was measured twice, revived and let go. The record fish measured a mind blowing 58.5″ x 37″ and was probably a 100 pounder considering it wasn’t weighed for several hours after it was caught. sockeye that goes in the world record book. Are you a steelhead junkie? We fished off CA for many years, mostly between Monterey and Shelter Cove (above Ft Bragg). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Read the whole story HERE, Before all the dams royally messed the Columbia River up for good, it had some monster Chinook! John and I put the giant back into the river approximately 10 minutes later, it swam into the deep water under its own steam. I fished commercially with my dad and then skippered boats in my youth to work my way through school. Where is a photo of the most famous King Salmon ever caught? Then it was my turn. We drifted downstream while Bernhard was operating the video camera. Did I read this correctly? Masu salmon are found in Asia, and not in North America. This one, however, we took with us. The Canadian guide in the last story not only took this fish out of the water but measured it twice and released it 10 minutes later!?!?! Doug’s not holding it out, he’s trying to use his knee to heft the thing. The 126-1/2 pound giant taken in a fish trap at Red Bay, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. What luck and skill must I possess to reach such fisherman wizardry!? 3 oz.) In 2013, a year of very low return, I taped a 62″ carcass on the Upper Kenai. I advised Ingrid to hold the rod up and to keep the line tight. Notice I didn’t say “the 10 largest kings of all time…” because I dont know for sure which are the Top 10. Man, those fish were soon awesome! 1 oz.)! Edye Pass is a saltwater channel located between Arthur and Prescott Islands, close to Porcher Island on British Columbia’s westernmost coast about midway between north and south of the province. I explained to Ingrid that we usually release all “the really big ones” to preserve the gene pool. I completely understand where you are coming from…but I think you misinterpreted what was said. The biggest pink salmon on record caught in California’s history was brought in by Mike Daily of Red Bluff on Sept. 22, 2001. Indeed it was! I wonder what ever happened to that mount??? Now we’re prepared for the fight. 2 oz.) Mr. Stan Roach was fishing one of the most famous salmon fishing spots in the world at Kenai River, Alaska when he got a bite and finally landed the biggest Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) ever caught – a 6.88 kg (15 lbs. Suddenly, around 11 a.m., there was action on Ingrid’s rod. Florida Saltwater Fishing Guides and Tips | Salty101, 13 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Your Florida Fishing Trip, First Day of Trout Season, Brother Almost Dies. At this point, I realized that this must be a really big one. Hope so. Thanks! Deborah Whitman-Perry of Newmarket, Ont., caught & released this huge king that weighed 83 pounds, three ounces in August 2012 at River’s Inlet, BC while fishing with guide Tyler Mills of Good Hope Cannery. The lore was to catch a Columbia River hog, that began disappearing after Grand Coulee Dam was built without a fish ladder, and then the Dalles Dam which did away with the survival of the fittest salmon, was that a marline reel was mounted on an ordinary pool hall wooden cue stick.

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