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everyday problems solved by technology

These problems though may sound small but have definitely created trouble for us. Thus anything that helps us accomplish the tasks on our to-do list with minimal effort is always welcome. It is not that you forget everything you did but some key things in the busy day gets ignored. Therefore a technology that can detect and let us know about the status of the food. Time for a new coat of paint! Though technology is still expanding to ensure next generation robotics goes beyond factory assembly lines and controlled tasks, the real application of AI and technology is yet to come. Sit back, shut your eyes and relax – and open your eyes to sparkling and spotless home. The most common and distressing problem among men is losing hairs and getting bald. The reason mostly goes to expensive nature of desalination. HiLife to the rescue: No need to rush out to buy a new mixer – just shop for your new appliance through the app. We still need to make this a close reality and bring it into the lives of common people. The world is still suffering to get a permanent and effective solution for hair loss. //, INFOGRAPHIC: How young Singaporeans feel about smart technology, VIDEO: Behind the scenes of landscape design, 5 factors to consider when looking for the ideal family home. You met a new friend at work who stays in the same neighbourhood and you both agree to meet up for brunch over the weekend. But you don’t have time to go grocery shopping, let alone do your own food preparation like marinating the meats and skewering the vegetables. Some days, you simply can’t muster the energy to clean up the mess. No more marching to the management office and writing cheques, as everything from booking to payment is handled through your smartphone. Many countries like India have very cheaper internet. We mostly take decision based on the choice of others or in peer pressure. These everyday problem are those which we tend to ignore generally but they require to addressed and solved as soon as possible. In the following paragraphs, I will describe some of the digital solutions that I think have solved an everyday real-world problem. Here are just some ways that HiLife’s brilliant functions make life so much easier: You’re a proud mum of three – one boy, one girl and one hyperactive Jack Russell terrier – and you couldn’t be happier. If one gets a permanent solution to hair loss and that too at a cheaper cost then it would be a great invention, Future of Technology in Agriculture – An Overview, 10 New & Profitable App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made, Your email address will not be published. Though there are various technologies like hair transplant and solutions that help in reducing hair loss but till now no such solution is there which can prevent permanent loss of hair, can regrow back what is lost naturally and be effective in controlling hair loss. Sometimes we want to speak a lot on a particular topic but we find no one around ourselves with who we can share all these details and that person shows the same keenness with which we tell them. In such situation we do not perform with full energy and zeal and that impacts not only our work but our career prospects. With nearby merchants – eateries, retailers, tuition centres and other amenities – available to view on a map in the HiLife app, you can sniff out the best coffee in your area. AI has come into being which will help us in different ways. The Visionaire's HiLife app solves your everyday problems with technology. People in this busy world find themselves in a lonely environment and thus tend to become much more frustrated and depressed. Something needs to be done in order to solve the expensive nature of mobile data. SPH Content Studio Sponsored Content April 25, 2016. Whether this dress will suit on my body or not? In Singapore, we all lead busy lives, with many work and family commitments. We all have a habit of misplacing things. Desalination is one such method which is used to clean sea water in normal human consumption. Thus an innovative platform is required which can solve our problem regarding this. HiLife’s sports programme section lets you pick different instructors, classes and timing, so it’s easy to book a class that suits you. Make life stress-free by taking advantage of technology at your fingertips. For example, as we are about to rise there should be an AI like tech where the alarm rings on time, by the time we rise the water for bath becomes warm for showers, our tea gets ready, and our breakfast gets prepared. 22 Amazing Ways To Solve Problems With Technology (Simple) ... Robots have taken over everyday tasks. Loss of hairs becomes a cause of distressing for mean as it is big reason for their handsome look. Such questions can sometimes be very frustrating and therefore requires solution. Thanks to the HiLife app, you’ve secured the best barbecue pit for your party. HiLife to the rescue: Scroll through HiLife’s extensive list of home services to get direct access to a list of trusted contractors, complete with their fees. There are also numerable problems that come our way some are solved and some remain a headache for us. Address: Wellington Circle (opposite Blk 507B), Address: Wellington Circle (opposite Blk 507B), By SPH Integrated Marketing Division. But with work and other commitments, who has time to pick up after them constantly? There should also be an indicator that can detect and tell which food has been expired and which can still be consumed. With plenty of experts and innovators that work hard, we help you find solutions to all the problems with Windows 10, iPhone, Laptop, Printer, Router, and software. You can choose the item, pay for it and arrange for delivery all in the app. Copyright © 2020 BusinessVaani. Many a times you would suffered wearing inappropriate dress at occasions that deserved something else. Find out more about The Visionaire – Singapore’s first EC with smart homes – at its Wellington Circle show unit. After getting up in the morning there are numerous things we do. What about a tech device equipped with artificial intelligence and analytics that can help you in concluding which dress fits on you and what specific type of dress you need to wear at particular occasion. They can suggest us various ways to reach us to our required career paths. There should be such inbuilt technology in the fridge or outside which can detect and tell us which food item in our fridge will get expired soon and should be consumed within time. Especially for professionals and people who have a hectic day this technology is must for you. Technology needs to be advanced, competition needs to boost so that data becomes cheaper in years to come. You promised your in-laws that you’ll make your famous melt-in-your-mouth sugee biscuits for them this weekend. There can be mobile applications, software or any device that can help us in solving such problems. This will solve many of our problems which not only wastes our time but also tend to disturb us. Desalination is still distant technology to most of the world. Thus a revolution needs to be done in this field where our homes, place or work and things around us operate in way to assist us in our daily needs. All you need to do is decide which one best fits your needs and budget, set a time and date, and leave the professionals to do their job. HiLife to the rescue: Cleaning services are among the many services available on the app. Some get rotten even within few hours. Your email address will not be published. Which apparel will fit picture perfect on us? You need an outlet to let it all out – and to shed the weight you’ve been putting on from stress-eating.

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