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blue merle rough collie

Stirling Collies is a MN Licensed AKC Collie Breeder of Smooth and Rough Coats - All Colors, even the RARE Blue Merle, often called a Maltese, or Gray Collie, not to be confused with a Gray Collie Syndrome Collie. The double-layered coat needs to be brushed frequently and thoroughly to keep it in a show condition. In 1879 the first English Rough Collie was imported to this country. Champion Trenwyth Love in the Mist 'Scott' Trenwyth Kennels was established in 1978, and is located in Beaudesert, Queensland, which is one hour south of Brisbane. [5] The downy undercoat is covered by a long, dense, coarse outer coat with a notable ruff around the neck, feathers about the legs, a petticoat on the abdomen, and a frill on the hindquarters.[6][7]. The size and weight varies among breed standards; male collies can stand 55.8 to 66 cm (22 to 26 in) at the shoulder; the female averages 5 cm (2 in) shorter. Stunning Tri/brindle Green Eyed Pup . Female blue merle rough collie puppy Rough Collie Boone, North Carolina, United States I'm currently taking a deposit for a female blue merle rough collie puppy. Rough Collies are very loyal and may be one-family dogs (although most make exceptions for children), but are very rarely aggressive or protective beyond barking and providing a visual deterrent. Pet dogs need less maintenance but still a significant amount to keep the dog healthy. :) boating with your dog. I have been breeding and exhibiting rough collies … There is a smooth-coated variety known as a Smooth Collie; some breed organisations, including both the American and Canadian Kennel Clubs, consider smooth-coat and rough-coat collies to be variations of the same breed. The Rough Collie (also known as the Long-Haired Collie) is a long-coated dog breed of medium to large size that, in its original form, was a type of collie used and bred for herding sheep in Scotland. Rough collies should show no nervousness or aggression, and are generally great with children and other animals. [11], Canine cyclic neutropenia is a cyclic blood disorder that is usually fatal to affected puppies. PRA has a later onset and can be detected by DNA test, but is much less widespread (in the US) than CEA. 10 days ago. Collies in the US are sometimes reported to be over one hundred pounds, but a large collie typically weighs no more than 70 pounds. These dogs built the foundations upon which the present day Rough Collie is based and paved the way for the emergence of the great American kennels of the 1920s and 1930s. Several organizations provide herding title programs in which Collies regularly participate. As a result of the imports, the breed made rapid progress between 1900 to 1920. There is considerable variation in the color of the head, however. )[10] Note, the UK Kennel Club "Accredited Breeder Scheme" requires eye tests and recommends the genetic test for this class of members. [14], Rough Collies can compete in dog agility trials, obedience, conformation, flyball, tracking, and herding events. The UK Kennel Club "Accredited Breeder Scheme" requires hip-scores this class of members,[11] however, a very small proportion of UK registered puppies are bred under this scheme. More recent breeding has focused on the Collie as a show dog, and also companion. A Herding Instinct Test introduces Collies and their handlers to herding at the basic level. Rough Collie puppies should be screened at an early age (6–8 weeks) by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist to check for CEA. Rough Collies generally come in shades of sable and white (sometimes mahogany), b… The males are usually in the weight range (50–70 lbs), and the females are usually 5 to 10 lbs less. The merle … They are medium to large sized dogs, and they generally need a house instead of being in a small apartment. The ears of a Rough Collie are similar to a Shetland Sheepdog's, but larger. While Rough Collies are generally resilient and healthy, there are some health problems that can affect the breed. Collie Puppy for Sale - Adoption, Rescue Dakota is a beautiful female sable merle rough Collie… East Sussex, South East. [2][7] This is light in relation to the rest of the body, and resembles a blunted wedge tapering smoothly from ears to black nose, with a distinct stop and parallel head planes. I sometimes wish that I lived on a country and could have 5 of these gorgeous pups with lots of room for running and exercising. US and UK standards may differ. Participation in herding helps preserve the special heritage of the Collie and opens up new opportunities for owner and dog. In the UK the Rough Collie is no longer used for serious herding, having been replaced by the Border Collie, though in the United States and a number of European countries, there has been a resurgence in the use of the Collie as a working and performance dog. This looks like it would be so much fun. Four coat colors are recognized for Rough Collies: All have white coat areas, in the collar, parts of the leg, and usually the tail tip. When Queen Victoria acquired a Rough Collie, after seeing one at Balmoral Castle, they were transformed into something of a fashion item. The profuse coat picks up grass seeds and burrs, and many dogs tend to mat to some degree, particularly behind the ears, around the collar (if a collar is left on the dog), and in the pants. The dog needs to be gradually acclimated to the cold and a suitable insulated outdoor shelter must be provided for the dog along with ample quality food and a source of unfrozen water. It has been the subject of much research and speculation. The rough collie's long coat has made the breed successful on northern Midwest farms as an able herder and guardian of the farm during the winter. Rough Collies exhibiting basic herding instincts can be trained to compete in herding trials. Throughout the country there are local herding clubs that provide clinics, work days, trials and tests. The dogs were bred with great care in order to assist their masters in the herding and guarding of their flock. Without a doubt, it is to the English fancy of the late 1800s that the breed owes its development as a popular show dog. And even though they are still working as stock dogs, their big brains and warm hearts have already won over regular people across the world, too. The Rough Collie (also known as the Long-Haired Collie) is a long-coated dog breed of medium to large size that, in its original form, was a type of collie used and bred for herding sheep in Scotland. Share The Collie Club of America, Inc., organized in 1886, was the second parent club to join the AKC. Collies are capable of being keen herders while remaining sensible, flexible family companions, whether as working dogs on a ranch or farm or helping out a suburban owner who keeps a few sheep, goats, or ducks as a hobby. Report Item . When the English saw these dogs at the Birmingham market, they interbred them with their own variety of sheepdogs, producing a mixture of short- and long-haired varieties. Collie eye anomaly (CEA), a genetic disease which causes improper development of the eye and possible blindness, is a common ailment in the breed. Both will have varying areas or patches of diluted grey and blue. [15] The breed has also been known to work as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs and guide dogs for the blind. The word "Collie" is as obscure as the breed itself. Rough Collies closely resemble smaller Shetland Sheepdogs or "Shelties", but the two breeds do not have an exclusive linear relationship. This shot about 2 minutes before sunrise. The term Merle represents a pattern of the coat, not a color in of itself. created by autumnendings. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. The dog that is genetically blue, has a gray nose and is often referred to as a Slate Blue Merle. Blue Merle Rough Collie A third colour choice! After some selective crossbreeding with English imports like the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd breed as we know it today was created. (In shelties, the planes are not parallel.) The rough collie also relishes playing in the snow with children during the winter months. She has a full white collar and a thick Lassie line. Blue Merle Border Collie Temperament While the characteristic markings of a blue merle may make them look quite different to regular Border Collies, the coloring make no impact on the personality, behaviour or temperament of the dog.

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